By Trent Tibbitts

I love adventure and look for it where every I go. I do most of my hiking and back packing alone. I know, everyone is saying all the horrible things that could happen when you are alone. From getting lost to getting killed. That is a risk I am willing to take. The reason is for the freedom! Yes Freedom! Let me say it again Freedom! Most people know little of freedom. We like to say we live in a free country, but that is not true. We have freedoms but most people do not take advantage of them. They give their live over to other for the safety they fell when other take care of them. Like the Dr.,Police, fire, mom, dad, boss, government, big brother, military, husband, wife, friend and so on. All these things are good and are needed, but they take away from our freedom. They take away from the other thing I love about solo hiking, self-reliance. Relying on you self to get you through, no one else. In the everyday world we live in there are those safety nets. Not in the Wilderness. Just you. Just your brain, your hands, your back, and what you have with you. There is no calling for help. You have to dig down and find what you are really made of. Most of us can’t do that. For those of us who can it is a felling that cannot be told.