FB_IMG_1524529853811It was Christmas time 2017. I was recently divorced from Wendy. I was at the Marietta Confederate Cemetery for the Wreaths Across America event.  It was my second year participating. I had gotten there a little late for the speeches so I was hanging out near the cannon with men from my Son’s of Confederate Veterans camp. The party that had gathered for the speech at the bottom of the hill made their way up to where the boxes of Wreaths were set out. That is when I noticed a lady who was dressed in a 1860s widow morning gown. She was vailed in black from top to bottom.  She took two wreaths and in a southern voice like that of Kattie O’Hara and for all to hear, said she must put a wreath on the Georgia boys monument. I thought to myself that this would be interesting and preceded to follow in hope of getting a good photo to rival the one I took the year before of the Cannon. That photo was spread across different Facebook pages. She was most animated in her posing and many were there taking her photo. With here face vailed, you could not tell on thing about her. I walked away, leaving the photographers to their subjects as I saught out new intreste.  The Lady in black then called out to me in her southern draw. She asked my name and as I tured to give it, it was as if I had been transported to the 1860s as was talking to a widowed Confederate bride. Even face to face I could not see beyond the Vail. I knew not the Southern bell who was behind the Vail. She told me her name and that she was the Mariett Confederate Cemetery Weeping Widow. She asked that I give her copies of the photos I took of her and gave me her cell  phone number to forward them to her. We parted and I wend on over to the national cemetery for more photo opportunities.  They were just starting to lay Wreaths when I got there. Afterwards I ate lunch  and started to text over the photos I took of the Lady in Black. As I was driving home she text back asking who was texting her. I explained who I was and that we just met.  She again told me her name and thanked me for the photos. I had several photos so it took some time to send them all. She would compliment me on a photo and I would tell her that with a beautiful subject as her it was easy to take great photos.  We text several times.  Then became friends on Facebook.  It was several days of texting and flirting before I called her. I was living in the camper at the time. Once we did call we talked for several hours. We had so much common intreste.  We both enjoyed anstey,  history, cemeteries, Confederate history, travel and on and on. We met again in person,  this time with out the vail. I was in luck, the Sothern Bell I had fallen in love with, with out seeing her was a beautiful woman, Ms Kathleen Boucher, soon to be Mrs Tibbits.