20160314_183906By Trent Tibbitts.

If you know me, you know I dig history. And I like Paulding County History. And I really like Burnt Hickory History. And I love family History. So as boring as this is to all of you. I was very excited over a discovery I made. There is a small stream flowing out of the Braswell Mountains into the Raccoon Creek very close to the house. I have exploded this branch all my live. One of my favorite places on earth. It’s name is the Mill Branch. So there has to be a mill, right? There is, it is an old mill site, just some small stone walls. Not much to it.


Mill site.


Raceway to the mill.

I never have given it much thought until this week. I asked dad if he knew much about it. He said it has looked the same all of his life. I asked if he knew who ran the mill. He said all he knew was it was called the Roe Elsberry mill and the old grown up road next to it was called the Roe Elsberry road. So, I started with this bit of information. I checked the Paulding County History books and found that my 4th Great Grandfather, Paulding pioneer Lindsey Elsberry had a grandson, by his son Joseph Curtis, named William Monroe Elsberry. I thought, could Roe be short for Monroe? I started digging more. Turns out that his mother is Miriam Francis McGegor. So what, right? Well you don’t know what I have known my whole life, McGegors owned this land before Papa and descendants of S.D. McGegor, father of Miriam, still own the land that the mill sits on. So, I found out that William Monroe Elsberry, who is my 1st cousin 4 times removed, was the millwright and his mother’s people, who are my Neighbors, still own the mill. I think that is amazing.


Another note, the Mill Branch enters the creek below the poky hole. Named in horror of a slave of the McGregor’s, named Pocahontas who loved to fish there.


This is where the Mill Branch enters the Creek.