Some of you may not know this about me. I am not proud of all I have done but feel I need to tell my story.  

I came from a broken home.  My mom died when I was very young.  My dad fell in with the wrong crowd and left me and my sister.  I was sent to live with my dad’s half-brother on his farm. It was in the middle of nowhere.  I never saw my dad when growing up.  I thought he was dead from the storied my uncle had told me.  Come to find out he had not even told me half of what my father had done.  He was a war hero. A great pilot. A warrior. He nearly died from his battle wounds. But he changed with the death of my mother.  He went crazy, destroyed the hospital room.  That’s when he turned evil.  

My sister went to live with a family friend.  He was in politics and lived far away from us.  I didn’t see my sister for a long time.  Her adopted family got in trouble with the authorities and she got caught up in it to. We were both in our late teenage years at that time.  She had made a video of herself and when  I saw it, I had all these strange feeling come over me. She was in trouble and I had to go see her.

I didn’t have a ride so I asked some friends to help me out. My aunt and uncle that I lived with had just both ben murdered. I had found the bodies.  It was awful. Turns out one of my buddies that we were catching a ride with, owed a lot of money to an underworld gangster.  Plus Federal special agents were looking for him. He had been smuggling “supplies”. So we blasted out-of-town.

  We found out that my sister was in jail.  We went to pick her up. At first she didn’t know who I was and then on the way out she gave me a kiss.  It wasn’t a sisterly kiss. Said it was for good luck. She told us how her adopted family was murdered. Their home was destroyed.  She couldn’t go back. We then went to her friend’s place.

My buddy was trying to put the moves on my sister but she blew him off and laid another kiss on me.  Again I had more strange feeling. Her friends were at a place that was cold and snowing.  I took a walk, got lost and nearly froze to death.  Lucky my friends found me the next morning.

Then Me and my friends shoot up a police station on a fly by. We needed to lie low. I went to one of my dad’s old army buddy’s place.  He lived way back in the woods.  A swamp really.  A good place to hide.  I think he was hiding out himself.  He was a war hero too. He was a high-ranking general during the war. He and I started a training program.  Stuff he had learned in the service.

The other guys and my sister went to the smuggler’s friends place.  That guy ran some kind of underworld operation, too. They thought they could hide out there. Turns out the Feds had his place under surveillance.  They conducted a raid, my sister and most of my friends got out in time but my buddy got caught.  Through corruption of the system, the gangster he owed money to get a hold of him. My sister tried to negotiate his release but was kidnapped too. Me and some more friends had to bust them out. I killed several people who day, including the kidnappers.

Fast forward to this party we were at. I had seen my sister in a two piece bikini.  More strange feelings. Did she like me or my buddy.  I knew she had kissed him too and told him she loved him. I walked outside to clear my head and she followed me out. We stated talking and I told her I had to go fight Darth Vader our father.

April Fools!