Ecleasties Tibbitts was born to Maston Elihew and Frances Bowman Tibbitts on Aug. 14, 1905. She was their next child born after my grandfather Hollis,  who was born in 1903. When she was at the age of three, the family was living in Alabama. They may have followed Frances family out there to farm.

On the faithful morning,  Elihew went to the barn to let out a mule from his stall. Not knowing that Little Ecleasties was near by, he opened up the door of the stall. The mule, being happy to get out of the stall, ran out kicking up his heals. The mule kicked the young girl in the head and killed her.

Francis dressed her and a pine wood box was built.  Wanting to take the child back home to Burnt Hickory, Elihew took her body by train to Georgia.  He departed the train at McPherson,  west of Dallas.  He didn’t have any way to transport her so he walked to a nearby home looking for a horse and Wagon to barrow.  The first person turned him down.  The next person was willing to help.

Word got around to family and friends. A funeral was held at Mount Moriah and Little Miss Ecleasties was laid to rest in the cemetery behind the church.  She is in the back left side of the old cemetery.

The Elihew Tibbitts family moved back to Burnt Hickory not to long after this happened. Elihew became a Deacon of Mount Moriah.  His son Hollis and grandson Hershel were Moderator of the church.  His great grandson Todd is the current Moderator.