BY SARAH TIBBITTS (10 years old)

It was right before Christmas and my granddaughter, Meredith asked me to tell her the best Christmas story I know. So I began, I was a young girl doing the things I normally would do, but then an angel appeared to me and said “Marry you will bring forth a child and his name will be Jesus. He will be the son of God and he will be the Savor.” I could not belive something so amazing would soon happen. I soon Married a man named Joseph and he did not understand that Jesus would be born soon. Then in one of his dreams an angle told him that he was to be the earthly father of Jesus. Joseph now understood me, and that God commanded me to be the earthly mother.

A few days later there was news that every man had to go to his birth place and pay taxes. Joseph had to go along way, but I wanted to go with him. I could not walk the entire way so I rode a donkey to Bethlehem. It did not feel that great riding that donkey for days. The donkeys back was going up and back down. We went over hills and valleys. That ride was not smooth and easy, but it’s apart of the journey. We could see the city and there was not far to go. When we arrived there was not much space. I couldn’t see an empty house in sight. Then we spotted a small man half asleep in a window. He was the innkeeper of the place. He said that there was not an empty house anywhere. All we needed was a roof, but he could not think of anything except the little stable in the back. So the small innkeeper led us to the barn. That was enough for us.

The stable was small and smelly. It was full of animals like cows, sheep, chickens, goats and horses. hay was thrown everywhere and a broken manager in the middle of the room. The only lights were the candles glowing in the distance, but something different shown that night. The brightest star shined right over the stable. In the stable I laid in the floor on some hay. It was all pushed to the corner so it was like a bed. We did not have the things like the inns would have so we tried to make things work.

After the baby was born shepherds came from a nearby field and they had said angles sent them here to worship the new king. Then three kings came to us with gifts. The kings traveled very far and they followed the star that was above the stable. Jesus was wrapped in swaddling clothes and put in the manger as a bed. As I fell asleep I was thanking god for this little Savor.